Coconut Oil, Ketones and Alzheimer's

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Glioblastoma and Ketogenic Diet

"Sunny Lee" recently posted a comment under my previous post. His wife has glioblastoma and I hope he will see this.
There are at least two articles by Dr. Thomas Seyfried and associates on use of the ketogenic diet and caloric restriction to treat glioblastoma. This information was presented at the "Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy and other Neurologic Disorders" conference we attended in Scotland October 2010. They have found that this type of diet shrinks glioblastoma tumors by as much as 80% in lab animals and they have published a case study of a woman whose tumor virtually disappeared after six weeks on this diet. When she reverted back to a higher carbohydrate diet the tumor returned.
The concept here is that many cancerous tumors can only use glucose as a fuel and cannot use ketones. On a strict ketogenic diet, carbohydrate as well as protein (which can be converted to glucose) are minimized and the diet is high in fat, usually 80% or more of calories as fat. Using coconut oil and/or MCT oil in this type of diet helps maintain constant ketone levels. The brain and other organs can continue to thrive using ketones as fuel, whereas the tumor will shrink due to low availability of glucose. Dr. Seyfried believes radiation may not even be necessary thereby sparing the horrendous side effects of this treatment. In many cases, after the tumor is reduced in size, it could be more readily removed surgically. This could significantly lengthen the person's life.
Dr. Seyfried believes that man other types of cancers would respond to ketogenic diet an dmroe so if there is also caloric restriction.
For anyone who needs help with the ketogenic diet there are two websites to look at: In the USA and in the UK Both websites were created by parents of children with severe drug resistant epilepsy that responded remarkably to the ketogenic diet and have dieticians available to help. They also have a tool called the ketocalculator to help create ketogenic meals. Also, there is help available with ketogenic diet and ketone research ongoing at the John Hopkins Hospital in the USA.

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  • Dear Dr. Newport,

    Thank you very much for posting an article on ketogenic diet for glioblastoma. Unfortunately, I learned about the diet after having my wife receive radiation treatment in June 2009.

    Although the usual life expectancy for glioblastoma is 12 months, my wife is in her 29th month after the diagnosis. She has been in what seems to be vascular dementia caused by late radiation damage since October 2010.

    For me, the biggest problem is not glioblastoma anymore. It is the dementia that made her totally bed-ridden and unable to speak or eat since July this year.

    Her symptoms are more or less those of dementia, not those of late stage of glioblastoma, which would typically entail headache or coma caused by cancer growth. I think polymva and other supplements had an effect of getting the tumor under control.

    If I had known the horrible side-effect of brain radiation, my wife's condition could have been much better.

    I thank you for the post and would like to ask just one question. Have you ever had any report of positive effect of coconut and/or MCT oil for vascular dementia (or radiation-induced dementia)?

    From August 6, I gave her 30 ml of coconut oil and did it for 25 days. I also added Co Q-10, L-carnitine and magnesium to activate MCT from September 30. I had to stop coconut oil on October 13th as she began to have repeated diarrhea at the daily dosage of 60ml of coconut oil. For the whole period, her condition did not improve.

    From today (October 22), I resumed coconut oil, this time, as a combination of coconut and mct oil (5:5), I start at the dosage of 10 ml per day and slowly increase the oil every week.

    Let me thank you again for the post and I would be happy if you could give me information on the effect of coconut/MCT oil for vascular dementia (or radiation-induced dementia).

    By Blogger Sunny Lee, At October 21, 2011 at 11:54 PM  

  • Do you think this diet would work for Benign Meningiomas?

    By Blogger V, At December 7, 2011 at 5:41 AM  

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  • Hi Dr. Newport,
    I just became aware of this post, sent to me due to my mom having glioblastoma. Since the suspected benefit of the ketogenic diet for GBM patients is that it reduces glucose for the tumor cells, do you think the same effect can be created by regular use of metformin?

    A recent article by Life Extension Foundation Magazine states by activating AMPK, metformin "lowers sugar output from the liver, increases glucose uptake from the blood, maintains insulin sensitivity, and ultimately lowers blood sugar."

    Do you think use of metformin, which is relatively safe and well-tolerated, can create the same low glucose/metabolic conditions as the ketogenic diet?

    Thank you for your blog and efforts to help families combat destructive diseases like Alzheimers and cancers.


    By Blogger J Ro, At March 13, 2012 at 4:50 PM  

  • Dr Mary I have written before but am noticing that the ketogenic diet is apt to lose weight in people. How would it be for an AD patient who has lost 17 kg but who is slowly responding to the coconut/MCT oils and other supplements you have outlined.

    thanks again for your answers and inspiration

    By Anonymous Pam, At May 25, 2012 at 11:50 PM  

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